The International Companion Animal Network (ICAN) was founded by a group of prominent organisations and education providers who use and recommend purely force-free methods. We formed in order to meet the profound need for solidarity, mutual support, communication and cooperation between professionals working in the animal behaviour and training realm.

Aims & Objectives


Force Free

To bring together reputable organisations who use, teach and recommend only force free methods in working with animals.

High Standards

To set and maintain high standards within what is currently an unregulated industry.

A Strong Voice

To give each organisation member a stronger voice and mutual support.

Unity & Democracy

To demonstrate a new dynamic of unity and democracy in our profession.


To provide a positive antidote to the competitive aspect that has been prevalent within the profession.


Collaborate & Promote

To actively collaborate between organisations to promote our common ethos and goals.

Membership of ICAN is through an organisation, and individual members of each organisation can display our ICAN Associate logo. Each individual automatically gains associate membership of ICAN.

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Professional members who have a recognised qualification in training receive CAT accreditation. ICAN organisations awarding this are:

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Professional members who have a recognised qualification in animal behaviour receive CAB accreditation. ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourists can now work with LV, John Lewis, M&S, Argos and More Than * subject to policy cover and excess.

ICAN organisations awarding CAB accreditation are:

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ICAN Organisation Members

All ICAN Organisations are reputable organisations who use, teach and recommend only fear-free methods in working with animals, all of our organisations  actively collaborate with each other to promote our common ethos and goals.

All ICAN Organisations adhere to ICANs strict code of conduct.

ICAN Affiliates

Our ICAN affiliates link with us to share information, resources, and to present webinars. The affiliate organisations are entitled to use our ICAN Affiliate logo and the individual members of our affiliate organisations are entitled to use our ICAN Supporter logo.

ICAN Veterinary Members

Veterinarians, vet practices and hospitals are very welcome to join ICAN. Using our badge on your website and social media lets the public know that you use fear free methods with the animals in your care. Please contact us if you would like to join us.

Meet Our


Craig Ogilvie

  Craig Ogilvie is an Internationally renowned Dog trainer, seminar leader and Author. Having spent a great deal of time training and testing working dogs in locations all over Europe, he very quickly went on to achieve unique accreditation. Craig is the...

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Dog Law UK

  Dog Law UK 01304 755 557 At Cooper & Co, we specialise in advising in both criminal and civil cases involving dogs throughout the whole of England & Wales. We believe that we were the first Solicitor's firm in the UK to exclusively practice the law on...

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From Our Patron Mark Bekoff: Canine Confidential

Canine Confidential: Why Dogs Do What They Do, MARK BEKOFF PHD For all the love and attention we give dogs,  much of what they do remains mysterious. Just think about different behaviors you see at a dog park: We have a good understanding of what it means...

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Marc Bekoff PHD

Marc Bekoff, PHD Marc Bekoff is professor emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is a Fellow of the Animal Behavior Society and a past Guggenheim Fellow. In 2000 he was awarded the Exemplar Award from the...

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Meet Our Sponsors

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From Our Founding Members

Centro Miciolandia

“…promoting empathic, sharing, compassion. mutual knowledge and respect.”

ICAN founder organisations 

(in alphabetical order)



Chair: Sue Lefevre Vice-chair: Andrew Hale


Secretary: Marta Young and Sue Lefevre. Press and Media: Carolyn Menteith.

Emotional and Mental Health Support Officer: Andrew Hale.

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