The Pet Professional Network focus is more on marketing and mindset (people focussed) with a strong emphasis on support and anti-bullying policy. So, it’s going to be different in some respects. I want to ensure my members know which organisations are ethical and offer them events and business services within these organisations.

I was kindly passed your details on by Andrew Hale who I’m lucky to have connected with via Facebook. Andrew kindly offered a guest Q and A spot in my Facebook group ‘The Pet Professional Network’ discussing the issue of bullying. We found this extremely useful and supportive to our members and it allowed me to open up about my own personal experiences.

Andrew and Denise introduced me to ICAN and Andrew advised me to get in contact regarding collaborating by my offer of free slots as a guest speaker, or support to your members.

I thought I would open up this conversation a little further so I could give you a friendly introduction to the work I do and my experience in the field of Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Here is an introduction to the work I do and my experience in the field of Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Since as young as I can remember I’ve been passionate about helping animals and as I grew up I started to offer advice to pet owners and local professionals. I spent many years expanding my knowledge and skillset and proudly achieved a 2 1 in a BSc Honours degree in Animal Welfare and Behaviour. This opened up my eyes to some very cruel practices that were going on and I was determined to educate others on the force free ethics, which sadly at that time were very uncommon in the industry in my local area.

I set up my company Social Paws, after many years of business advice and research and specialise mainly in behavioural therapy for anxious/reactive dogs. I also in my spare time run a small bird rescue and have a celebrity rook – Russell Crow who’s accompanied me on several media appearances, including This Morning. 

In 2015 I wanted to bring my love of animals and people together. I set up a community for local professionals and became a prominent guest at local networking events. I had a particular interest in social media and the structuring process in setting up behavioural support programmes. This alongside my mentoring and counselling skills, working with young adults with autism, mobility issues and anxiety lead me to developing my mentoring and business coaching service.

At present I support and advice professionals mainly on a one to one basis but would love to expand my services to other organisations – my moto is together we are stronger and by helping other professionals I can not only help support a few pet owners, but potentially thousands.

The aim of the Pet Professional Network is to collaborate with some of the best organisations promoting animal welfare and offer individual memberships to help people grow their business and receive people friendly advice and B2B support. There are so many great trainers out there, but sadly many that still do not support and are cruel to others.

I have personally been coached by Robin Waite, a best-selling author and public speaker, I am too writing my own book and would love the opportunity to get in front of ambitious force free professionals.

I love blogging and have a strong following on my various Facebook groups and pages. I am happy to join an organisation to get more involved with ICAN as I understand you do not offer individual membership.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Helen Motteram, BSc (Hons)

Pet behaviourist and Pet Business Coach and Mentor