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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Organisations seeking membership of ICAN must use, teach and promote only force-free methods.

All members, both organisations and individuals, must adhere to the ICAN membership criteria and ethos.

Organisation membership gives all individuals within each organisation the right to use and display the ICAN Associate Member logo.

The head of each individual organisation is responsible for monitoring their members, assessing qualifications and CPD, and dealing with complaints, should these arise.

The ICAN membership fee must be paid annually and cannot be refunded unless this takes place within 30 days of joining. Qualified members who wish to be added to the ICAN website search engine must pay £12 a year for administrative costs.

ICAN takes no responsibility for the behaviour of individual member organisations and their members, but the ICAN committee can be brought in to help resolve disputes if the member organisation has been unable to find a resolution.