BHARCS is a premium education academy based out of Bangalore, India. The Academy offers education opportunities to pet parents, with a specific focus on Canine Behaviour. The Academy boasts of the most exhaustive education program that offers more than 700 hours of learning for animal behaviour enthusiasts and professionals. The educational units have been designed by award winning instructional designers and educators, to provide students the most fun and effective learning experiences, most of them online, and therefore in the comfort of their own home. While we see hands on experience as critical to the learning process, most of the education is distance-learning-enabled. The Academy is committed to enabling learners despite of their busy schedules and a tight budget. Towards this end, the educational units being offered are flexible and as modular as possible, encouraging students to learn at their own pace and pay at the pace they learn. BHARCS is proud to offer an education program that is based on the philosophies of Turid Rugaas and steadfastly believes in learning from the dogs directly. The Academy holds itself to the highest of standards and so not only has a stellar advisory board, but is also closely regulated by very meticulous accreditation bodies (details to follow soon). The academy is also affiliated with other international organization with a clear aim of not only meeting the best of global standards, but in-fact surpassing them to offer to you the best of what the industry offers, right here in India.

Sindhoor Pangal, the founder of BHARCS and Bangalore Hundeskole is a Canine Behaviour Consultant, Canine Myotherapist and Software Engineer by qualification. She has spent more than four years learning about the the behaviour and anatomy of dogs from different teachers across the US and Europe. She has more than five years of experience as a Behaviour practitioner and has been an educator for more than three years. Sindhoor is the India country representiative of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe (Europe), affiliate of The International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour(UK) and a member of The Pet Professional Guild(USA). She also worked as columnist for Bangalore Mirror for two years, writing about dogs and was the editor for the PDTE Journal. Her articles have been published in several magazines across the globe. Her thesis on street dogs in India has caught the attention of senior professionals and scientists internationally. She was quoted in the book Canine Confidential by Colorado based ethologist – Dr. Marc Bekoff. Sindhoor is also also the founder of Bombat Dawgz, an online support group for pet parents, which has more than 20,000 members from Bangalore.

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