The Hierarchy of Dog Needs® is a unique adaptation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of (human) Needs™ and was created by Linda Michaels, M.A. Psychology.

It is a unique model of wellness and behaviour modification. The dog’s needs are listed hierarchically. However, the exclusively force-free behaviour modification techniques may be safely and effectively used in any order or combination.

The Hierarchy of Dog Needs has been adapted to meet our dogs’ needs: We must meet our dogs’ biological needs, emotional needs and social needs first. Once we feel assured that these foundational needs have been met, the hierarchy describes the methods that force-free trainers use to modify behaviour: management, antecedent modification, positive and differential reinforcement, counter-conditioning and desensitization.

The Hierarchy of Dog Needs is navailable in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and Chinese

Linda has also written ‘Do No Harm’ dog training manual E-book which can be purchased here

Linda writes ‘The Do No Harm™ Dog Training Manual was designed as my own personal guide for teaching basic manners classes, and evolved into a reference manual for my private behaviour consultations. Created as a practical guide for either or both training formats, it is also helpful for pet parents who want an inside look at dog training and behaviour, as well as for those who seek force-free solutions for specific problems.’