International Companion Animal Network


Membership of ICAN is through an organisation, and individual members of each organisation can display our Ican Affiliate logo. Professionals who meet the ICAN requirements of a recognised qualification, and who meet our membership criteria, are awarded the additional accreditations of ICAN Certified Animal Behaviourist or ICAN Certified Animal Trainer.



The Association of INTODogs

INTODogs was founded in 2007 and was the first organisation in the UK for canine professionals who use only force-free, ‘positive’ methods. Our members adhere to a strict code of practice, continue to add to their knowledge through continued professional development, and maintain high standards in their work with dogs and their care-givers.

When you consult an INTODogs member you can be assured that you and your dog are in good hands.

If you are considering joining INTODogs, you can choose from four tiers of membership:

must have a qualification in dog behaviour and meet our membership criteria.

must be working professionally with dogs.

is for students, dog walkers, groomers and others.

is for qualified professionals who are engaged in research.





International Canine Behaviourists

ICB was founded in summer of 2015 and prides itself on having members who have an abundance of ‘hands-on’ experience, theoretical knowledge and academic qualifications. We are totally committed to using force-free methods of behaviour modification and ensure ongoing professional development for all our members.

We ensure that our clients and their dogs are in safe hands with us.

If you are considering joining ICB there are 2 levels of membership:

  1. Full members must have a minimum qualification in canine behaviour to Foundation Degree level as well as 2 years of hands-on experience.
  2. Associate members must be studying towards a Foundation Degree and present proof of working hands-on with dogs.






The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd (ISCP)

The ISCP was founded in 2011 and is a globally approved college, offering distance learning courses that include both theory and practical work to students and graduates in 46 countries. The ISCP has been listed among the top 10 education providers.

Courses range from beginner (certificate) level to professional (diploma) level and a degree equivalent, and the course textbooks are regularly updated to include the latest research. We educate students of canine behaviour in the most up to date methods and place a strong emphasis on force-free, compassionate dog training and rehabilitation, in which each dog is viewed as unique.

As part of our commitment to helping rescue charities and rescue dogs, we offer a 50% discount on the diploma course fee for rescue volunteers and employees, who are invited to share their knowledge and skills with co-workers.

Students are each allocated a personal tutor who guides them through their studies, and have the option of additional study support and emotional and mental health support. Our dynamic Facebook group offers additional support and motivation, as well as opportunities to engage in discussions with members around the world, and we hold regular free webinars on a wide range of subjects for our members.

Optional practical study days are held around the UK, Canada, and Cyprus, where students can work with dogs under supervision.





CAPBT, the COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers

CAPBT, the COAPE Association of Applied Pet Behaviourists and Trainers, is the largest specifically qualified association for pet behaviourists and trainers in the UK. Membership offers all pet owners a guarantee of quality when seeking help with the treatment of behaviour problems, or in training your dog or puppy.

All members work under a strict Code of Practice

which includes the assurance that coercive or punitive techniques and equipment are never used in treatment. CAPBT members maintain their state-of-the-art competence and knowledge through attending various Continuing Professional Development courses offered by COAPE and others, and have ongoing access to a wealth of expertise and support via a lively Members Association of over 200 qualified members. You can be assured of the very best of qualified and up to date help with a CAPBT member.





Centro Miciolandia® – Perugia

Brief presentation about Centro Miciolandia®:

Centro Miciolandia® has existed since 2012 as a section of the Speed Dog Center of Perugia, it’s dedicated to the study of Felis catus and the relationship between the cat and the human being. The Center is also a place surrounded by nature where cats, humans and other animals live together for many years. Inside the Center there is a protected feline colony that has existed in this place for more than twenty years, it can be visited only by appointment and no direct contact with the animals is allowed in any way without direct supervision of those responsible.

The Centro Miciolandia® is managed in every aspect by Roberta Roscini, she deals with professional and non-professional training related to the ethological and psychological characteristics of the cat and the relationship of coexistence between the cat and the human being, she also deals with recovery and rehabilitation of cats with difficulty, information to the population, Pet Therapy, advice and activities of various kinds, with the aim of bringing back the naturalness and respect for the needs of species in the relationship between man and cat. The Centro Miciolandia® is also a large community that welcomes all the students who attend our courses and accompanies them in their training and work, ensuring constant updates and insights, as well as support and sharing.

Brief presentation of Roberta Roscini:

Graduated in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, certified professional teacher and ideator of the method Comunicazione Naturale Gatto-Uomo® (natural communication cat-man), certified coadjutor of the dog and of small animals in the Animal Assisted Interventios (Pet Therapy) member of APNOCS, Ambassador for Italy of the International Society of Animal Professionals, certified Cat Behavior Counselor, specializing in Human Animal Studies, certified expert in Relational Ethology®, Director of the Centro Miciolandia® section.

For more than ten years I have been involved in the study of the nature of domestic cats, I manage the reality of interspecific coexistence at the Centro Miciolandia® and I advise for the improvement of the quality of life of cats living with humans and cats living in conditions of freedom more or less controlled by man. From 2014 I realize, I manage and I present professional training activities, seminars, workshops, theme days and activities of various kinds to spread a right relationship with the cat. I regularly work with veterinarians and animal welfare associations in several Italian cities and I maintain contacts with colleagues in different parts of the world to ensure constant updating to myself and my students. I am a lover of life in all its forms and I am deeply convinced that in the shared and conscious knowledge lies the true secret to a more just and respectful world, regardless of the species of belonging.

Brief presentation of the method Comunicazione Naturale Gatto-Uomo®:

The Natural Communication Cat-Man® defines a method of approach in the interaction of the human with the cat animal: this approach is based on the respect of the ethological characteristics of the cat (Felis catus) and on the use of the human body communication and empathy to create a natural and spontaneous interaction that leaves freedom of action for all the participants and that puts the animal in a position to freely express its nature. This method rejects the anthropocentric vision of the animal. The aim of this approach is to improve the quality of cohabitation between the human being and the cat animal in the various contexts of daily life and to restore dignity to animal specificity and to the freedom of natural interspecific communication not conditioned by anthropic constructs.

The Natural Communication Cat-Man® is taught through training courses and experiential recreational activities. The training course for Operator in Natural Communication Cat Man® includes several training steps that can be viewed at and provides for compliance with an ethical and deontological code that guarantees the seriousness and professionalism of the students who complete the training program.