ICAN Newsletter

December 2019


Wow, I cant believe another year has passed so quickly.

ICAN is now nearly 2 years old, and it has been another amazing year for us with more organisations coming on board and ICANs ‘Welfare First’ motto being shared around the world.

Our Facebook page now has over 11,600 followers, which is double last years which is down to our amazing social media team, – Denise O Moore, Rosee Riggs, Taryn Blyth, Jean Gough, Ruby Leslie, Anna Patfield and Dawn Carnell, without these guys finding the articles the page wouldnt be so successful, so thank you to all of you.

One thing I have been particularly proud of this year was the #You Too campaign which gave a safe space for those in our industry to speak out against bullying or inappropriate behaviour. If you have been affected and wish to speak out you can email youtoocanspeak@outlook.com

In February my 2 years of being Chair will end and I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity that was given to me and the faith that was put in me.

We have been busy working behind the scenes and we have some amazing projects in the pipeline for next year, which I am very excited about.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all ICAN members and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sue Lefevre

Chair of ICAN