ICAN Organisations

All ICAN Organisations are reputable organisations who use, teach and recommend only fear-free methods in working with animals, all of our organisations  actively collaborate with each other to promote our common ethos and goals.

All ICAN Organisations adhere to ICANs strict code of conduct

List of ICAN Organisations:


BHARCS is a premium education academy based out of Bangalore, India. The Academy offers education opportunities to pet parents, with a specific focus on Canine Behaviour. The Academy boasts of the most exhaustive education program that offers more than 700 hours of learning for animal behaviour enthusiasts and professionals. The educational units have been designed by award winning instructional designers and educators, to provide students the most fun and effective learning experiences, most of them online, and therefore in the comfort of their own home. While we see hands on experience as critical to the learning process, most of the education is distance-learning-enabled. The Academy is committed to enabling learners despite of their busy schedules and a tight budget. Towards this end, the educational units being offered are flexible and as modular as possible, encouraging students to learn at their own pace and pay at the pace they learn. BHARCS is proud to offer an education program that is based on the philosophies of Turid Rugaas and steadfastly believes in learning from the dogs directly.



Positive Dog Trainers Academy (PDTA) offers the opportunity to obtain certification in the science of dog training, whether you have prior experience in dog training or want to follow a new career path. Our certified instructors can teach you the science of force free training by using the positive reinforcement method, the only method supported by a vast body of research over the last 10 years that is acknowledged as humane in all circumstances. Our instructors are totally committed to companion dog training and to enriching relationships between people and their canine friends.

At Positive Dog Trainers Academy, you will have the opportunity to attend quality theoretical as well as  classroom courses  that will provide you with the knowledge to ensure your success as a professional dog trainer. You will also receive hands-on training opportunities with a wide range of dogs with different personalities and temperaments that will offer you the experience you need to be a competent and successful professional dog trainer.


Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy was founded in 2007. The big dream was to create a school for future Professional Dog Trainers that would only use force free methods of training as the whole scenery around us was bursting with old training methods that involved a lot of punishment, corrections and electric collars.

We aim to spread the knowledge and share our experiences with our students. Our courses are accredited and are regularly updated to meet the latest in dog training, psychology and behaviour. We provide knowledge in practical animal training and in Canine Behaviour and Psychology. All our trainers exercise their skills for the best use of training techniques without using any kind of force.

Kynagon is a unique place for Dogs and Owners. It is a place where a dog owner can train his dog and he can participate in almost all kinds of Dog Sports.

We are proud that we have been able to add a stone to the progress of the world around us towards the welfare of the species.

International Feline Behaviourists

International Feline Behaviourists (IFB) was formed in 2019 and is the feline division of ICB: International Canine Behaviourists

International Feline Behaviourists  (IFB) provides continuing education for professional feline behaviourists and supports members in their career choice, while at the same time offering advice to cat owners to help overcome unwanted behaviours. IFB prides itself on having members who have an abundance of ‘hands on’ experience, theoretical knowledge and academic qualifications, and who are committed to using force-free scientifically proven methods of behaviour modification. All our members pledge never to use any approach that may harm a cat’s physical and mental wellbeing and abide by our motto, “Feline welfare at our core”.


KaHoT is the professional association for dog behavior therapist, cat behavior therapist, therapy animal counselors, trainers, exercise or nutrition consultants, acupressure animal practitioners in the Benelux.

KaHoT represents the animal professions. It represents the sector-specific interests of this industry. The professional association stands for advice, networking and lobbying.

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