Dog Welfare Alliance

Connection – Communication – Cooperation – Collaboration

The Dog Welfare Alliance is a non-profit organisation that connects all those who have an interest in dog behavior and welfare. Your membership subscriptions and donations are passed on in full to rescue shelters, so that they can save dogs in urgent need. The DWA helps rescues to fund veterinary care, education programs and dog sanctuaries.

The Dog Welfare Alliance was founded in September 2013. It brings together members of the public, organisations, governing bodies, behaviourists and trainers, students of dog behaviour, veterinary surgeons, therapists and rescue shelters.

Anyone with an interest in dogs and a commitment to compassionate, force-free methods of training is welcome to join the Dog Welfare Alliance.

Whether you work with dogs, or have a dog and would like to be connected with a community of kindred spirits, please join us, share the website, and play your part in supporting dog welfare and promoting positive methods. Each subscription member receives a .jpg file of the DWA logo, with the level of membership clearly stated. You can use this on your website or social networking sites, on emails or other correspondence, or on clothing, dog coats or anything else you can think of – be as creative as you like, while helping needy dogs around the world!

The Dog Welfare Alliance is a member of The International Companion Animal Network, an umbrella organisation for professional bodies and education providers who use, teach and promote purely force-free methods.

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