Funda Nenja is an NPO who focuses on “ONE WELFARE” as we not only work with the dogs of
Mpophomeni, but also the children and their families.
Funda Nenja uses dog training classes as a portal into the community. The children are taught how to use humane,
force free, positive reinforcement methods of training and are taught that punishment is not the way to correct
unwanted behaviours.
The idea is to develop respect and compassion for all living things by using dog training as a vehicle. The children learn self-discipline, commitment and responsibility which encourages personal growth and self-worth. As we also have a qualified social worker, we are able
to offer free counselling to the children and their families where necessary.
One of Funda Nenja’s main aims is to improve the lives of the township dogs by offering free medical
care, de-worming, tick & flea treatments, rabies vaccinations and sterilisations. We teach the
community about basic animal welfare and offer various educational programs which focus on these
Our main aim is to create a compassionate community – one dog and one child at a time.