Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights Protection


KOARP Is a professional, volunteer, non-government, independent, subsidiary organization which is interested in animal rights protection in Kurdistan. Its main goal is to protect animal rights and help neglected, dying and abandoned animals by providing veterinary care for free, to provide aid in emergencies, and to care for all species of animals; especially neglected street dogs and cats. KOARP advocates scientific methods to eradicate beating, punishing, fear, hunger, and pain. KOARP also works to protect people and the environment from the fear of dirt or diseases through contact with animals.


In 2009, Dr. Sulaiman Tamer, an animal activist, became the first NGO for the protection of animal rights all over Iraq.


KOARP statement:

  • KOARP is registered according to Kurdistan Regional Government/Council of Ministers / Ministry of the Interior /General Directorate of Divan. The registration number 7213 was given on 24th May 2009, and the NGO directorate on the 25th April 2013; number 117G.
  • The organization’s legal registration:

The organization is legally registered by the interior ministry in Kurdistan regional government according to article number(10) in 2001, formed by the Kurdistan parliament. It has legal status and started  working after announcing officially in Kurdistan .

  • KOARP has a bank account number and auditor checks by the government


KOARP works and activities are distributed to 7 fields:

  1. Educate and raise awareness among the public to love, respect and care for all animals.
  • Organizing seminars, slide shows, fun quizzes and interactive games in kindergarten, schools and children’s centers.
  • Introducing animal welfare articles into the educational system.
  • Informing and interacting with the public via social media (newspaper, magazine, T.V Radio, Facebook, etc.).


  1. Drafting Animal Rights Protection Laws of Kurdistan.
  • The Animal Rights Law Draft was sent to the Kurdistan parliament in 2010 & 2014, and in 2016 was sent to the Iraqi Parliament.
  • The Animal Zoo Recommendation Draft is in progress


  1. Controlling the stray animal population (dogs, cats and donkeys) in Kurdistan.
  • Obtained an approval for 10,000 CM of land for shelter in Duhok, is seeking this in Erbil and Suleimania, and  we are looking for investors to fund and build the prospective animal shelters. We have finished the master plan for the land, the design project which includes buildings, water, electricity, furniture, kennels, veterinary clinic, equipment, workers and cars. Because of the economic situation we had to halt this and government shut down all sectors. The proposal is ready with engineering report, designs, etc.
  • We have a temporary plan for this shelter. We have a very large building, formerly the Old Duhok slaughterhouse which has been empty for more than 12 years. This consists of 7 large halls with buildings for an office and veterinary clinic. The Duhok governor has given us the rights to use this as a shelter and sent his engineer to calculate needs. He has completed a report of renovation and the cost, estimated at around 990,000,00 ID. But unfortunately this has also been delayed due to the economic situation.


  • Coordinate spay and neuter (sterilization) programs in Kurdistan to control the population of stray animals.
  • We have pressured the government to cancel the Stray Dogs Campaign, which kills strays to control their numbers. The Law Number (48) 1971 &1986 in Kurdistan. We are working to implement new modern and scientific ways to manage the growing stray population.
  • Our Project & Strategies to Control the Growing Population of Stray animals (dogs, cats & donkey) in Kurdistan Region was printed and distributed to all Kurdish government officials.


  1. Rescuing abused, neglected and abandoned animals, promote adoption, treatment and vaccination.

We find, catch, spay and neuter stray animals, including tack care, tags, vaccinations, and release back to nature again. We participated in a training course in Bulgaria with Bankya Stray Dogs Vet Clinic for a month. This is our daily work but unfortunately we are slowed down because of limitations such as lack of cars, equipment, medicine and staff. For example, we use our personal car.


                               Before rescue and adoption                         After rescue and adoption

                            Before rescue and adoption                            After rescue and adoption

                                                                      Before After rescues


  1. Protecting wildlife and their habitats.
  • Monitoring hunting
  • Monitoring the health of wildlife, and control of infectious diseases.
  • Educating and spreading awareness through workshops, seminars, brochures, the media, etc.
  • Hosting experts and researchers from western countries.
  • We are trying to open a small rehabitation center for wild animals who were injured by hunters and need time to recover  fromtheir wounds, then release to nature, but no-one is helping with this.




  1.  Environmental Activities:
  • Water protection.
  • Education and raising awareness about environmental pollution.
  • Protecting our nature from garbage pollution by citizens.
  • Supporting environmental protection laws in the Kurdistan Region.
  • Running an environmental campaign for cleaning, planting trees, irrigating trees, distributing seeds and fertilizer.
  • Requesting implementation of parks, national parks and safari parks.




  1. Supervising, monitoring and reporting animals’ situations to the government, including:
  • Friday market, slaughter houses, pet shops, zoos, scientific colleges, endangered and extinct species of animals.


We have many proposals ready for implementation if any one is interested in helping, such as:

  1. Charity vet. A mobile clinic for stray animals, and for poor families. This will offer food, treatment, rescues, surgery, vaccinations, etc.
  1. Vaccinations, drenching animals, campaigning for refugees and IDP of Arab and Ezdian citizenship who have escaped from the Mosul war by ISIS. They need help.
  2. Distributing animals and equipment to poor families whose need these for their livelihood.
  3. Improving the situation of animals in the Friday market, pet shops, scientific colleges, the slaughterhouse and the zoo.
  4. A proposal to rehabituate wild animals.
  5. A proposal for education and raising awareness of children.
  6. Other proposals.



Relevant experience of our organization officer in relation to the project you are submitting.

  • For more than one year I worked as a team leader of veterinarians. The team underwent an external and internet drenching campaign supported by the International  Islamic relief organization(1992-1993).
  • For more than two years I worked as a veterinarian with NWNT (USA)( 1993-1995) as a team leader.
  • For more than 7 years I worked with a 10 head of sheep for one family program (distribution of animals to poor families in Kurdistan) operated by Saudi Arabia kingdom. This was from 1995-2002) as a veterinarian.
  • For more than 5 years I worked as a veterinarian supervisor for vaccinations, drenching and distribution of drags campaign with FAO(UN). This was from 1998-2003.
  • For more than 6 years, I worked with Ronco Consulting cooperation Company (USA) as veterinarian for mine detection dogs (MDD) from 2003 until 2009.
  • From 2003 until now I have worked as a consultant veterinarian with the vet directorate (government sector).
  • Founder and president of KOARP from 2009 to the present day.


Helping refuges and IDP s animals