Kynagon Dog Trainers Academy was founded in 2007. The big dream was to create a school for future Professional Dog Trainers that would only use force free methods of training as the whole scenery around us was bursting with old training methods that involved a lot of punishment, corrections and electric collars.

We aim to spread the knowledge and share our experiences with our students. Our courses are accredited and are regularly updated to meet the latest in dog training, psychology and behaviour. We provide knowledge in practical animal training and in Canine Behaviour and Psychology. All our trainers exercise their skills for the best use of training techniques without using any kind of force.

Kynagon is a unique place for Dogs and Owners. It is a place where a dog owner can train his dog and he can participate in almost all kinds of Dog Sports.

We are proud that we have been able to add a stone to the progress of the world around us towards the welfare of the species.